Meet the founder


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G'day, Ayubowan, Vanakkam and welcome! 

My name is Dhanu and I founded Ceylon Stones as an extension of my love for gemstones, fine jewellery and creative expression. 

We are an Australian business from beautiful Sydney and offer our clients trusted, credible and low risk access to beautiful precious gemstones and exceptional fine jewellery.

Our philosophy is to be your trusted advisor, share our knowledge on natural coloured gems, help you find a gem that you love, and create a beautiful piece of jewellery that stands the test of time. Beautiful natural coloured gems, integrity and exceptional client experience is at the heart of what we doThere are no forced sales tactics here. Our one and only advice to our clients is to only buy a gem that they love. If you don't love it, just say no. 

I am an Australian GAA qualified Gemmologist and was the winner of the prestigious Geoff Tombs Medal awarded by Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) to the top Gemmology Graduate in Australia. I also lecture on the topic of Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites and other Coloured Gems to the next generation of Australian Gemmologists and Jewellers.

I was born in Sri Lanka, the Island of Gems, and now call Australia's beautiful harbour city, Sydney, home. I have long been interested in the gem trade of my homeland and have a deep fascination for the beauty and value of precious stones and jewels. In my past life, I have worked as a venture capital investor and a top-tier strategy consultant. My life revolves around my family, friends, and of course, all things gems and jewellery. 

My team and I bring over 20 years of expertise, creativity, craftmanship, exceptional client experience and global network to source beautiful gems, and create beautiful fine jewellery.

Our core values

Beauty and magic

Our coloured gemstones and jewellery evoke a feeling of joy, beauty, place, magic and elevation in their own individual and unique way.

If the gems and jewellery do not meet the standards for our personal use, we will not sell them.

Our core values

Trust and transparency

We are Sydney based and provide safe and trusted access to coloured gemstones for our customers.

Unfortunately, the industry has some unethical and bad operators who sell synthetic gems as natural gems, and do not disclose non-standard and temporary treatments used to enhance natural gemstones.

We certify and authenticate our gemstones and disclose all known treatments identified by labs. If known, we do not sell gemstones with non-standard treatments such as surface diffusion, fracture filling and radiation treatments.

Upon purchase and on request, we are very happy to re-authenticate our gems or jewels, with a value over $2000 and if not on offer, free of charge in Australia. We certify with Gem Studies Lab in Sydney, which Gemmological Association of Australia’s recommended gem testing lab. If the stone is found to have an undisclosed treatment, you have the option for a full refund and get a discount on your next purchase.

Our core values

Responsibility and integrity

We source gemstones responsibly from our suppliers in Sri Lanka. Most of our precious stones originate from Sri Lanka. Some of our gems originate from Africa and Asia.

In Sri Lanka, sapphire and precious stone mining is done without large scale mining equipment and has a low environment impact.