Jewellery care and sizing

Jewellery care

Fine jewellery and precious gemstones require a gentle touch

We have an innate affinity for delicately designed rings and jewellery that effortlessly weave into your style.

Our pieces are designed for regular wear, but they are not indestructible. Diamonds, sapphires and spinels are durable gemstones, but they can be chipped or broken or damaged chemically. Silver, gold and platinum are sturdy metals, but they are relatively soft vs. many other objects and metals.

A careless impact or a drop on hard floors can damage the stone and the ring permanently. Chemicals in cosmetics and perfume can damage your jewellery over time.

We recommend removing and protecting your jewellery and gemstones from impact, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

This includes exercising, manual labour (gardening, cleaning, home reno projects, etc.), showering, bathing, exercising, applying lotions, skin medications, cosmetics, etc.

Cleaning guide

Warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush is all you need

To clean gemstones and jewellery, we recommend using a bowl of warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to provide a gentle clean.

Make sure that you are NOT working near open sinks (yes, we've dropped some jewellery into our bathroom sink and toilet bowl...)

We highly recommend plugging your sink if you have to wash under gentle running water. Things can and do slip when wet.

You can also use a clean microfibre cloth (or a clean lint free cloth) to gently wipe your gemstones and jewellery.

We highly recommend NOT using ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners will damage sapphires and any gemstone with natural inclusions.

We recognise that there are some inconsistencies between different ring sizes between different jewellers. To be safe, we recommend that you measure your ring size before you select a ring. 

For international orders, we recommend that you use the internal diameter as a guide.

Option 1: Take an existing ring that fits the selected finger, and measure its widest internal diameter (in mm) at the centre. Use the sizing chart below as a guide 

Option 2: Buy one of our plastic ring sizers and use it as a guide (Australian shipping only)

When possible, we offer free re-sizing on our rings. Please contact us to arrange.

Australian standard sizes Internal diameter
I 15.22mm
J 15.61mm
K 16.00mm
L 16.40mm
M 16.79mm
N 17.18mm
O 17.58mm
P 17.97mm
Q 18.36mm
R 18.76mm
S 19.15mm
T 19.55mm
U 19.94mm
V 20.33mm
W 20.73mm
X 21.12mm
Y 21.51mm
Z 21.91mm