Other coloured gemstones

An introduction to some of the other coloured gemstones that we sell and use in our jewellery

A story of redemption


Spinels have had a long colourful history, being mistaken for sapphires and rubies over centuries. The ‘Black Prince’s Ruby’ on the British Crown is in fact a large 170 carat red spinel. Other famous spinels include the 399 carat red spinel on the Imperial Russian Crown and another British crown jewel, the Timur ruby.

After decades of being unknown and undervalued by the jewellery community, spinels have now started to gain popularity again. Their natural beauty, scintillating brilliance, spectrum of colours and excellent durability make them excellent coloured gemstones for jewellery and heirlooms.

We carry a selection of high quality, vibrant spinels that command the presence of its audience.

A compelling new gem


A captivating green gemstone found only in one part of the world, Tsavorite is an extremely rare green variety of garnet that is yet to seep into the mainstream of Australian jewellery. It was introduced to the broader world by Tiffany and Co in the early 1970s. The stone was named after Tsavo National Park in Kenya, where it is primarily found and mined.

Its shades of green evoke the feeling of being immersed in a deep luscious rainforest surrounded by ancient trees with emerald green leaves. We like to think its green symbolises peace, tranquillity, fertility and our innate connection to earth.

While not as durable as sapphires, rubies or spinels, tsavorites are tougher than emeralds and show better clarity, fire and brilliance. Like our sapphires and spinels, they spark joy and have a natural charisma that will turn heads.

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