Ceylon Stones

1.95Ct Purple Pink Shiraz Ceylon Spinel | Cushion Shape


A 1.95Ct Purple Pink Spinel from Ceylon with a unique colour that is like no other. Reminds us of the organic rich hue of fine Shiraz. Perfectly cut with a large cushion face.

While relatively unknown, Spinels are one of the most underrated and beautiful coloured gemstones in the world. They come in a spectrum of colours like sapphires. While slightly less hard than sapphires, they are still durable and actually sparkle more than sapphires due to their ability to break light into spectral colours like diamonds.

Earth made, responsibly sourced and free of any human treatments.

Weight: 1.95Ct
Dimensions: 8.66x6.57x4.48mm
Origin: Sri Lanka
Colour: Purple Pink
Treatment: Unheated
Clarity: Loupe Clean or Almost Loupe Clean
Shape: Cushion
Cut: Mixed brilliant
Brilliance: Excellent
Saturation: Excellent

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